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24 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF
Mon Fri 8:30 - 17:00

Tax Refunds

Worked in the UK? We offer Commission Free Tax Back Service

Claim Your UK tax rebates back today! 1 in 3 people are due a tax refund of £720!

  • Have You overpaid the Inland Revenue?
  • Are You owed a UK tax rebate?
  • Let Omnipol Accounting help You secure a tax back!

The cheque comes straight to Your door or the money gets paid into Your account,

You only pay upfront £25 and that’s it – all Your money is Yours.

We are a Southampton based tax back business specialising in UK tax rebates for anyone who left their employment before the end of the tax year or has earned under the tax free allowance (please check the Tax Table section).

You may be on the wrong tax code and / or You have been given an emergency tax code, BR, or You are working on a CIS basis in the construction industry.

Fill in a quick form below and let us call You back