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24 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2DF
Mon Fri 8:30 - 17:00

Start your own Omnipol practice

New Omnipol Accounting Franchise Opportunity

We’re looking for ambitious individuals looking to earn extra income from home or to supplement

income of their freelance business. You will start providing accounting services using our model.

There is no set up fee and the monthly fee is £25. You’ll get your own website, a profitable business

model and the ability to show proven credentials of an established accountancy practice to clients.

Omnipol Accounting Ltd was established in 2009 and it is registered with the AAT plus it’s a

registered HMRC agent.

The opportunity:


  • The name Omnipol Accounting [your town], i.e. Omnipol Accounting London
  • Use of the website including online services
  • Your own tailored page, i.e.
  • Email address with
  • A support network of other Omnipol representatives
  • Recurring income with average of 50% net profit margins
  • Flexible hours allowing you to work from home and keeping costs down


Starting up your own accountancy practice from scratch is expensive, time consuming, requires

qualifications, registrations and it needs many hours of planning. It would cost you more than £25

per month to create your own website and to optimise search engine to make sure people can find

you. When you join us you will get all these benefits.


You may ask why the fee is only £25 per month and there is no ongoing commission to pay. Because

we know it’s both difficult and expensive to start and grow your business. We’ve been there and we

have been doing it for many years. We don’t offer any formal training with this package. This offer is

designed for professionals who are or would like to start formal accountancy training. However you

will have full support from us when you need it.

Admin fee is £25. It’s fully refundable if your application is not accepted.