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Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The construction industry scheme (CIS) is a tax system for people working in the building and property sectors. CIS requires contractors to check the registration details of all subcontractors and deduct tax at source from their pay if necessary.

With a lot of EU migrants working in the construction industry, it is more important than ever to get this right from the start. We speak both English and Polish and we are able to look after both You as a contractor and Your subcontractors, keeping everything under one roof. When You take on a new EU subcontractor, we will offer them CSCS materials in their language to make sure they pass their CSCS exam the first time.

Contractors must then pay any tax deducted to HMRC together with a CIS300 return every month. There are penalties for late and incorrect returns.

Contractors must also consider the employment status of their workers, as serious penalties can result from incorrect classification.

That is why we provide a competitive, comprehensive and confidential service for contractors.

What will You get?

  • A system that deals with all areas of administration, helping You avoid the various penalties
  • Monthly payslips / statements and online returns
  • Review of the employment terms of each worker to confirm that their status is correct

Because we use a state of the art software which is always up-to-date You are guaranteed correct reports for Your business. Please get in touch now for a no-quibble quote to benefit Your business.