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Business Plans

If it is to be successful, Your business deserves the best possible approach to its planning from the onset. Regardless of its size, You will ensure Your success if You employ the best skills possible.
At Omnipol Accounting, we believe a business plan must be written with You, the owner of the business. Every business plan must contain financial forecasts; at least 6-12 month forecast as well as a projected profit or loss statement. A business plan is a crucial step, especially when seeking finance from a bank, investors or venture capital.
Through our extensive network of local and national contacts, we will put You in contact with the best people to help You with Your business.
Failure rate of businesses without a business plan is estimated at 30% in the first year – do not be one of them! Get it right from the start.
We will carefully look with you at:
  • how much capital you need if you are seeking external funding
  • the security You can offer lenders
  • how You plan to repay any borrowings
  • sources of revenue and income

And remember – It is essential to have a realistic, working business plan when You’re starting up a business.
What’s included?

  • Market Research covering big players and trends including a market SWOT.
  • Direct and indirect competitor analysis and SWOT.
  • Customer group profiling and analysis.
  • 3 year forecast
  • Product write ups and descriptions including competitive edge and unique selling point (USP)
  • Investment opportunity highlights
  • Executive Summary
  • Company and Management Team

We don’t use templates. Each business plan is tailor made and unique to your needs.