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Mon Fri 8:30 - 17:00

Accounts Preparation

This is simply a summary of all the transactions of Your business for the whole accounting year. We will put them in a recognised format, providing a Profit & Loss Account, a Balance Sheet and a Cashflow Statement.

These accounts are then used as a basis for completing Your company and Your personal annual tax returns.

When You use our bookkeeping service, Annual Accounts preparation is included in the monthly price You pay – just to make Your life simpler.

You will have a meeting with an accountant to discuss You accounts. This helps You understand the reports, agree any assumptions or estimates we have used in preparing them and gives us an opportunity to provide feedback on Your performance.

Meeting with an accountant seems like common sense, but surprisingly, too many accountants still do not do this – they just post Your accounts out to You and that is mostly the end of it.

Because You will always get a personalized service, whether You choose our online bookkeeping system or regularly provide us with Your records, we can benchmark You against Your industry or highlight areas for concern, make suggestions on how to improve profitability, provide feedback on Your accounting records as a basis for defending Yourself against an HMRC enquiry, or simply identify potential tax savings.

Make sure You have signed up to our newsletter; with the first email You will get a very useful tax tips pack!

At Omnipol Accounting, You can rest assured You’ll get a quick turnaround so You won’t be without Your records for long – just in case You need to refer to them.

As a Limited Company, You have certain legal obligations. If You set up Your company with us, we will have told You everything You need to know at that point. If not, we’ll make sure You understand all the responsibilities that come with limited company in the UK.

In addition, You will get a set of abbreviated accounts for public record and while it is a statutory requirement, less information is published and Your privacy is protected.